Monday, February 06, 2006

a new "doo"

So I've been growing my hair out since Margot was born. I don't think I ever really made a conscious decision to do was more just something that happened. When you have a baby to take care of, styling your hair falls way down on the priority list. I'm sure it returns for most women, it just hasn't for me. I've liked being able to pull my hair back in a pony tail anytime I feel like it (which is almost all the time). After 19 months of motherhood though, I'm tired of my hairdoo...or lack of one I should say. It's time for a change and I'm thinking a dramatic one.

My appointment with Amber is February 18 (she owns the salon next door to Habitat. It's called The Darling Room and it is just that -- darling.), so I don't have very much time to make a decision about the new style. I've been thinking about going short...not only because I'm thinking about a dramatic change, but because I love short hair. It's fun, it's easy to dry, it's easy to style and I think I just look better with short hair. The only bummer part about short hair is that ponytails are not an option. And I've gotten pretty used to my ponytail in the last year.

So, short hair...both Amber and my friend, Stephanie, mentioned Sienna Miller's new doo when I told them I was considering going short. Before Googling her name, I didn't know who Sienna Miller was. I'm not trying to look like any famous celeb, I just want a new hairstyle. Anyway, Stephanie sent me these two photos (sorry for the tinyness...I coudn't figure out how to enlarge), so I thought I'd put the decision out there in blogland for any opinions (please be nice).

I like this look. And I've had my hair this short before, so it's not like it's the unknown for me. My only concern (this is always my concern with short hair on me) is that my hair is dark brown and I feel like the only way I can prevent looking like a boy is to get highlights too to give my hair some texture. I'm not sure I have the patience (or the funds) to acquire highlights right now. And I also feel like I have to wear earrings and jewelry a lot more when I have short hair to prevent the whole boy look-alike conundrum.

So, any opinions about this doo, or other suggestions to consider?

(Here's the most recent photo I have of myself [from June] for your comparison.)


hannah said...

oooh, i like the shortness of those pictures! but as i am slowly recapturing my ponytail, i can not be tempted. i hear you about the brown hair/boy thing. how brave are you to try home highlights? i hear sarah is really good at those type of things. wow, cant wait to see you feb 18th!

gail said...

how odd...i am also contemplating cutting my hair that short, sienna-style. i think you should go for it!
by the way, after reading hannah's blog, i was baffled by a comment from "kristen"--is this you and are you prego again??? i feel so out of the loop!

Stephanie said...

Giving up the ponytail is a hard thing. Every time I've had my hair cut since Sydney was born I've just said, short enough so that I can still have some kind of ponytail. Sometimes it becomes pigtails, but whatever to keep it out of my face at home.

That said, I think that short hair style is so cute and I bet it would look fabulous on you. I can see how you would want to get highlights, but I think even just a few would do the trick and those are easy enough to do at home. The worse case scenario: you just grow it out again :)

Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll look amazing! And change is fun!

jmac said...

whatever you do sweetie, you'll always be my #1 hottie

Liz R said...

I think you look beautiful and the boy thing won't be a problem. The problem that i always have with the short hair option is that you have to cut more often to maintain and to avoid the hideous grow out stage. Go for's only hair and you can always grow it out...