Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a month old meme

My friend, Stephanie, tagged me for a meme back in late April. It's now a month later and the meme is old news, but I desperately need to cross this off the to-do list in my head, so I can be at peace again.

Five minutes to yourself: Sitting on my porch swing and listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the trees.

Five bucks to spend right now: I'd say a magazine, but I feel like all I've been doing lately is reading magazines. So, I'll say a new (to me) and used book from the Dusty Bookshelf in Lawrence. Something from John Steinbeck or Anne Lamott.

Five items you could part with in your house, right now, that you hadn't thought of already:
Our couch and sofa (although we can't afford new ones right now, so then we'd have to get some nice floor pillows)
- the bread machine (a hand-me-down given to us more than 2 years ago that I have yet to use)
- mismatched sheet and pillowcase sets
- the ever-growing pile of college T-shirts in the basement (I keep trying to convince myself that I'm going to make a T-shirt quilt out of them to keep the memories with less bulk...yeah right)
- the large sack of gift bags hidden in the guest room closet (I really don't like gift bags...I think wrapped presents are so much more attractive, but feel like I can't justify spending money on fun wrapping paper when I could recycle all those wedding and baby gift bags I've received over the years).

Five items you absolutely, positively could not part with in your house:

- photographs (this is on everyone's list I'm sure...I mean seriously, who doesn't like looking through old photographs?)
- old journals (falls in line with the photographs)
- Margot's stuffed lamb (it may be dirty, but she goes everywhere with it and it smells like her)
- laptop (too many things that are only saved on it)
- Heather Smith-Jones painting John gave me as a present for my birthday AND giving birth to Margot
Five words you love: eclair, grandiose, edamame, splendid (not trying to steal this one from you Stephanie...use it all the time), Mommy (when said by Margot).

Five folks I'm tagging:
Hannah, Kerry, Julie, Sarah, and Beth (if you don't like being tagged, I won't be offended).

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kimberly said...

on the t-shirt quilt: my advice is DON'T DO IT! Unless you're really good at sewing, which I'm not. That was the worst project ever. My friends have orders that if I ever agree to make another one they are to lock me in my room until I come to my senses. I wish I had paid someone better to do it or forgotten about it altogether. anyways.