Saturday, July 02, 2005

happy birthday to me

i love mommy tee
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Today was my 29th birthday. My last year before "the thirties." I'm ready. The other day I heard that "30 is the new 20"...I'm not sure I know exactly what that means, but I do know I don't want to be 20 again.

Outside of the fact that Margot woke up at 4:34am and we couldn't get her back to sleep for more than an hour, my birthday day was splendid (I think she just wanted me to be awake for as many birthday hours as possible)! I recorded the day with my camera, but that post will have to wait until tomorrow because it's already very late and 4:34am was a long time ago.

Here's one of my favorite photos from today. This little beauty is the reason I spent the evening of my 28th birthday uncomfortable. The next day I would realize that my discomfort was because I was having contractions. And the next day, Margot entered our lives.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! I also turn 30 next year, and not sure how I feel about it only that I'm not looking forward to it.

Hooray for the last year of living in your twenties :)

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns on your birthday!


ellaminnowpea said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen! Also, Happy Birthday, sweet Margot!!

donna said...

sorry i missed the party. it was my niece's first experience with fireworks and i simply couldn't pass up the opportunity. hope you all had fun though!!!

hannah said...

wonderful party! happy birthday kristen and margot! love your apron, cant wait to see you again when you arent entertaining 50+ people! lets make 29 the best ever!