Saturday, October 15, 2005

fabulous friends & fabulous fridays

Even though this is a belated update to last week's First Friday, I still wanted to share that John and I felt it was a huge success. The street team models were fabulous and very well-received from the people passing by. We passed out over 1,000 (probably about 1250) sliers and got 181 people to sign-up on our mailing list. Obviously that is shy of the lofty 500 person goal I mentioned we set. Our less-crazy-and-more-realistic-goal was to get 10-15% of the people we passed out fliers to to sign-up, so we definitely surpassed that goal. We could not have done it without the support and help of so many of our friends. Whether you stood in a window for 5 hours, braved the cold to pass out fliers, stapled posters to poles, or chatted with perspective customers, we want you to know we appreciate you. This was one big step forward to our dream being realized. Only three weeks until the big night of our grand opening, so rest up and get ready to do it even bigger next time! Thanks to Hannah for taking photos (click on view a slideshow to see them all) of the event since John and I did not remember to take photos.

Below are the second round of sneak peak photos. These are farylrobin -- very unique and pleasing to the eye. This is the line most tempting for me to want one of each style.

Bisque -- Can velvet look any better than this?

Tetra -- I love the inspiration from men's ties.

Tickle -- metallics are starting to take on a more muted tone.

Charla -- Wedges are going to be around for awhile ladies.

Pesky -- I love the Victorian look of this boot.

Myria -- I mean honestly, does it get any better than this?

We received our Fornarina order this week, so more sneak peaks to come.


hannah said...

oh man, everytime you talk shoes i get goosebumps! count us all in for as much help as you need for the big push! you two are wonderful, so glad you are making things happen!!

ps. please blog more than once a week, please?

Laura said...

Hmm, here's an idea--how about you hold a weekly drawing for a new pair of shoes among your readers, huh huh huh, good idea, huh? Aw, well, it was worth a try . . .

Heather SJ said...

Kristen, The shoes look beautiful! Matt and I went by the Habitat site during Sept. First Friday. What a fabulous place to be! It looks great and I am so excited for you and John!

Rachel said...

Love the shoes! LLLLLOve!

kimberlytran said...

I love the teal myria shoes at the bottom. UGH, what size or those? are you selling?