Friday, May 27, 2005

birds flying at light speed

I found out about a new artist, Amy Ruppel, about a month ago on a blog (I can't remember exactly which one it was right now, but Kelly over at buzzville posted about two of Amy's pieces she recently acquired). I am infatuated with her stuff. I signed up right away to receive updates about her next art sale. Well, I received an e-mail a few days ago alerting me to a sale she was having today at 11am pacific time (1pm my time). Bad news for me...the sale sort of slipped my mind because my husband was leaving today for a 4-day trip to Colorado. After he left (~3:30pm) I checked my e-mail and was reminded of the sale. I went straight to her website only to find out that 40 of the 41 paintings were already sold! -- in less than 3 hours! Isn't that crazy! It looks like her work is a hot commodity. I may have missed out this time, but I will definitely be making Amy's next sale an appointment on my calendar. Go check out her work here.


Anonymous said...

So, we know you're a knitter, and you like Survivor, your family (understatement) and fantastic art...what else do you enjoy that could give hints to your Back-Tacking friends? Do you like chocolate? Tea/Coffee? What colour pallette do you enjoy?

Ooh, and before I forget, is the supplied address to send the parcel to your new address? Or will you have a forwarding service in place?

kristen said...

back-tack friend -- yes, i love chocolate (what woman doesn't?); not a fan of coffee, but i do like tea. colors?...well, i'm in to all things green right now. i love the color red (so passionate and daring), but i seem to hover in the blue palette for apparel.

i'm just getting back into sewing (after a six-year hiatus...don't tell my back-tack buddy). other than that, i spend my time reading or running.

i do have forwarding service in place for my old address, but our new one began june 1st, so you are welcome to send any packages there -- yea!

thanks for asking about me. i can't wait to find out who you are!

mo said...

I love Amy Reupel (spelling?) too. She lives in my hometown (portland, OR) so I have seen her work around here.Its so charming. Great blog, by the way.