Thursday, May 19, 2005

the ol' Survivor switcharoo

Can someone give me the number to a CBS executive? I want to ask them why they chose to air the 2-hour season finale of Survivor on a Sunday night, when the show usually airs on Thursday nights. How many other uninformed Survivor fans turned on the television at 7pm (central time) tonight, anxious to view the crowning of the winner of Survivor Palau, only to see the beginning of the 2-hour season finale of CSI? Yes, I admit it, I'm a fan of Survivor. No, I'm not addicted to Survivor. I've only watched two seasons all the way through (Australia and the current season), but if you're a Survivor fan, then you understand how frustrated I was to find out that I had missed the outcome. I realize there may not be many others like myself who missed the finale because most fans probably saw the commercials announcing that the finale would air on Sunday, but I didn't see those commercials because I don't watch television (I have a strong dislike for TV because I think it's a waste of time, but Survivor is the one hour of TV in which I indulge). One would think that I would've found out during last week's episode that the finale was on a different night, but I don't remember hearing anything about that (and I think I would've caught that).

I've already found out who was voted the sole survivor (thanks to the internet), but I don't think I'll have resolution until I see the finale. So, if anyone has a copy of the show, I'll pay big money for it (OK, maybe not big money, but you will be my new best friend).

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