Friday, May 27, 2005

second batch of postcards

second batch of postcards
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I finally got around to posting the second batch of postcards I received in the postcard swap (you can see & read about the first batch here and learn more about the postcard swap here). The top two were actually the first two postcards I received, but I couldn't find them when I took the picture of the first bunch. The cards are from (clockwise from top left) are a fabulous collage from Hanna (love the thread in the bird's beak), Marieke, Sandra (this one is all fabric...I was surprised the post actually mailed it -- very fun!) and Melissa. There were about 40 other people who participated in the swap. If you're interested in viewing all the postcards I didn't receive :(, you can find them here. Thanks again Myra for hosting this swap!


Stephanie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! What cool postcards you ended up with!

Melissa said...

Hello! I have just found out through the flickr back tack site that it was you who sent the beautiful fabrics to me! Thank you! I love them. I am also a fan of red, black and white. The black and white fabric is my favourite and I haven't seen anything like it here. I think it's so funny that you received a postcard from me in one swap and I received fabric from you in another swap! I'm also 28! I have 3 little boys. I can't wait to finish making my notions holder. The beautiful fabrics make it lots of fun. Thanks again! Melissa