Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I must apologize to Hannah for taking so long to realize she had tagged me for the idiosyncrasies meme (I have no idea what the word "meme" means, but despite that I've gathered it's somthing I'm supposed to respond to). As you've probably noticed, my posting lately as been intermittent (at best) and likewise, so has my blog reading. My excuse? -- that pesky think called work. It's definitely put a dent in the time (and energy) I have to be on the internet, which is probably not all that bad of a thing since I was beginning to think I was spending too much time in front of a computer.

So, I've been thinking about my idiosyncrasies and here's what I've come up with (it was more difficult than I thought it would be):

1. I read magazines cover to cover.
Every single page...including the ads. I even read articles that I have no interest in. I first noticed this when we had a subscription to Outside and I would find myself reading articles about a man who decided he wanted to live with bears instead of people or a man who would host dinner parties for his friends to have them sample the exotic meals he would create out of wild animals that people don't normally eat (like tortoises and ostriches). I think there's something inside me that feels like I cannot say, "I read this month's issue of ______ (insert magazine title here)," unless I actually read the WHOLE thing. Who's asking me if I read the entire magazine? No one. But that doesn't matter now does it?

2. I alphabetize my CDs.
Which used to be a bigger deal than it is now, since I never rotate the CDs in my car. I don't need to rotate them because I will listen to a CD eight times in a row without ever thinking about changing it and my case holds 24 CDs and by the time I've actually listened to all 24 CDs a year has passed and I'm ready to hear Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" another eight times. The only way a CD ever gets changed in my car is if John takes my car for the day.

3. I can often be seen standing with one foot resting in the crook of my other knee.
Yes, this makes me look like a stork, but I'm most comfortable that way.

4. I have at least 3 (and I've had up to 6) half gallon containers of Edys ice cream in my freezer at all times.
This is to insure that I won't have to miss my nightly cup of ice cream. Not a bowl, not even a mug, but a cup. It doesn't matter if it's a blazing hot summer night or a cold, harsh winter evening, I must have my ice cream.

I hesitated to list this final one, but I couldn't think of any more myself. When I asked John what he thought my idiosyncrasies were, he responded VERY quickly with this (which makes me think he sees it more as a character flaw than an idiosyncrasy):

5. I disclaim everything.

I read a lot of blogs, but I don't know many people that read mine (that have blogs of their own), so I'll tag Stephanie, Laura and Lindsay (who do have blogs) and also my friends Sarah*, Kerry (who don't currently have blogs) with the hope that this will serve as a catalyst for at least one of those two ladies to join the fun.

*Update: Well, that didn't take long. This afternoon I found out that Sarah has finally decided to enter the blogosphere...she has a "team blog" with one of my other friends, Jeff. Check out their drivel here.


Laura said...

Hey, my first meme tag ever! I feel honored. Unfortunately, I am practically perfect in every way and have no idiosyncracies, so I can't help you out. Ha. I like that nightly cup of ice cream idea--I might adopt that myself. A cup every night has got to be better than gorge every week or two.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tag! I realized that I have a lot of idiosycracies. Alas.
Sounds like you had quite a good time in Vegas. Hooray! That is impressive you are learning so much about shoes. While I love shoes, I'm not quite in the know of what the cool brands are. Thanks for lots of great links, so now I know what to get :)

hannah said...

im going to have to say that eating a cup of ice cream a night doesnt count, its more comendable than strange! what a great idea!!! im a disclaimer too, it drives david crazy...

lindsay said...

it only took me a week to figure out that i was tagged, now the thinking must beginning.

lindsay said...

thinking must begin....geez i even have to proof my comments

Anonymous said...
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beth said...

wow, a fellow stork! my family always teased me about standing like that, especially whilst doing the dishes. i also am a cd alphabetizer (and dvds & books). it pains me to see dvds out of order. as for the magazine reading...i'm practically your opposite - i just check out the pics, and read a few captions here and there; if i read a whole article, i'm quite impressed with myself. :)

toby said...

You are not alone Kristen. I also read almost every word of a magazine. If the magazine is about something I am interested in, I may do it several times. I also usually start at the back page. Do you do that?