Tuesday, August 23, 2005

new friends in blogland

Well, I found out last night that my friend, Kerry, has thrown her hat in the blogring (of course my "tagging" her with the idiosyncrasies meme was the major catalyst...Kerry wouldn't miss a chance to share her quirks with the world!). I'm especially excited that Kerry decided to start a blog because she and her husband just moved two hours away from us. Living close to them again was definitely one of the highlights of moving back to KC for us, but a blog is the next best thing of having her down the street, right? If you want to get to know Kerry and view some of the amazing handmade things she makes, check this out.

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Michele T said...

K--I want you to know that your blog is very useful--when Matt and I were talking about jogging strollers, I remembered your first post and photo, and we looked it up for our own use. (Yes, I've been lurking that long.) Anyway, thought you would appreciate that!!