Thursday, August 04, 2005

talking pennies

We made it through the first day of our first shoe trade show -- what a FUN DAY! So much packed into one day, and we have two more to go! There's too much to tell and I'm not sure I could even articulate anything from the trade show yet, so I'll just share some highlights from the flight:

1. My favorite quote came from a middle-aged women sitting behind me:

"My sister and I are convinced that our mother speaks to us through pennies. Like just last night, we went out to dinner, and we saw two pennies on the ground when we got out of the car -- one for each of us."

My head snapped in John's direction and I quickly gave him the "What did she just say?" look. We obviously were the only ones confused because the women next to her replied, "Oh, and do you beleive if the penny is heads up she's telling you 'yes' and if it's tails up she's telling you 'no'?"

2. My favorite photo: (well, my favorite picture in my mind, that's the only memory I will have of it because John and I forgot our camera. I know, I know, how could we forget our camera on a trip to Las Vegas. Trust me, I DON'T KNOW.)

An elderly man outfitted in light blue-and-white houndstooth polyester pants, a navy cotton blazer tipped in white piping covering a white butterfly collar shirt and the largest glasses I've ever seen with his head tipped back, sleeping with his mouth open. It honestly was the most precious sight. Although I must admit, when my eyes first found him I thought he was dead. I was much relieved when I saw his chest moving with his breath.


Chris Spinks said...

Posted this on jmac's blog as well, but you guys should pick up one of those new one-time-use digital cameras at a drugstore. We need pics of this trip!

hannah said...

im with chris!!! there must be pictures!! how else are we going to get a sneak peak at what is hot in footware this season??? i gotta say i would absolutely love to have a picture of you surrounded by elvis impersonators. id pay money for that!

Laura said...

Love that penny story. I will have to pay more attention to my spare change!

ke said...

i thought people did speak to us through pennies. i'm sorry that you didn't know that. :)

Julie said...

First time on your blog, Kristen. I'm much enjoying it. I, too, think you need some pics of some shoes. Kev and I drove by the future store site and admired it mightily. I did realize though that I don't know what the name of the store's going to be... ?