Monday, September 19, 2005

my superhero husband

And because that last post was so wordy (that's what happens when you don't post for almost 2 weeks), I thought I'd share some photos from the previous weekend when we took a trip to Oklahoma City to visit some friends. Weekends with the Helker family are always refreshing for us and hanging with the Helker kids gives John an excuse to act like a kid again (like you need an excuse for that). The Helker kids having a good time with Margot:

Evan, Jed, Margot and Hannah.

John living out his superhero dreams:

My favorite quote of the weekend: "This mask smells like dirty feet!"

John's interesting interpretation of an army general's artillery:

And finally, Margot modelling John's new favorite hairstyle for her (with her friend J.D. who also seems to like that look):


lindsay said...

I can't decide who is cooler John with his spiderman mask or Margot's new hair-do... and look at those teeth. See what one misses when out of the country! Glad you were able to venture into OK. I want to here about what's new at Bridgeway

lar-dawg said...

My favorite is contemplative photo #3. John seems to experience the dissonance of one torn between two identities…“Am I a WWII veteran…or a Jedi Knight?” Either way, you look great!