Thursday, June 09, 2005

back tack goodies

back tack goodies
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This is the amazing pile of goodies I received from my back tack buddy this past week. Here's an excerpt from the note they included to describe the fabric:
"The striped linen is 18th century mattress ticking bought in an antiques market in Bologna, Italy. The beige canvas is 'toile bache', which is used by Hermes to make summer bags. This also comes from Italy, but not a market. The brown ribbon is also vintage."

OK, how cool is that? I don't feel worthy to receive fabric which I'm sure has such a storied history. It's been crazy around here unpacking and getting settled in our new home, so I haven't had much time to think about what I'm going to do with all this wonderful stuff. I'm hoping to dedicate some time to it this weekend. Thanks back-tack buddy for such great inspiration!


hannah said...

wow, that stuff is impressive. im going to have to inspect that in person if you dont mind...

carly said...

Hi kristen...I feel as if I should introduce myself as I have just read your entire blog (cute kid)....welcome to blog land it sounds like you have already discovered how utterly addictive (motivational and inspirational) it is... I find it really odd how I started my blog about 10months after the birth of my daughter and most other fun crafty bloggers are mums and have done the same??? it must be a disease we catch during child birth.