Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i love the color red...

red envelope package
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...especially when I receive red packages! Last Saturday our new postman Tony (well, new to us; he's been on this route for 7 years or something like that...very nice guy) delivered a box and this red box from red ENVELOPE is what was inside (I've admired items from their site before, but never actually received anything from them, so I was super excited!). This package was from Stephanie -- my new favorite friend I recently met in the blogworld. She linked to my blog from a comment I left on someone else's blog, left me a comment, I then visited her blog and left five comments in one evening because I felt like every entry was something else we had in common (definitely unusual for me). When she found out we moved into a new house she asked if I would mind sending her our address so she could send us a housewarming present. What? Of course I'll send you my address if you want to send me a gift. How cool is that? It definitely ranks up their as one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me. So do you want to see what was inside? Next blog entry for that (I still haven't figured out how to post more than one photo in a me Hannah, please).

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