Thursday, June 30, 2005

nature photo thursday

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Last Wednesday morning, John and I were both in the kitchen at the same time fixing breakfast (unusual for us on a weekday). As my gaze drifted out the window, I hear him say, "Who put the fake bird on our deck?" A moment later we both see the fake bird turn its head. I rushed to get the camera so I could get a photo of this seeming rarity, but unfortunately the photo is a touch hazy (I took it through the window because I was afraid if I went outside, the bird would fly away).

Two days later I heard John recounting the story to a friend and found out he named the bird Mordecai.

"You named a bird you're never going to see again?"

"Actually, I've already seen him three more times. This is his territory."

If John's gone for any amount of time now, I can usually find him in the backyard with his neck craned, searching the trees for his new feathered friend. He's infatuated with that bird.

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Laura said...

Ah, don't you love visitations from birds? Last year, a blue heron decided to pay us a visit and fished up all the koi out of my husband's pond. Husband was not happy, but I was so disappointed that I didn't get to see it land! He's just finished putting new fish in our new pond and I keep hoping one day I'll see a great blue shadow out there, hunched up on the rocks (obviously I'm not so fond of the fish, they murk up the water).