Monday, June 20, 2005

daddy mac

me and my daddy
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I'm not sure how I stayed up until 4:30am cleaning out my email inbox and searching for ideas to give my husband for my upcoming birthday (I don't mind telling you it's July 2nd because birthdays are my favorite) and did not post this photo for Father's Day. I suppose I just ran out of time. So, it's one day late, but Happy Father's Day John. Margot is so lucky to have you for a daddy.

Margot is actually wearing one of John's Father's Day's a black onesie with "ROCKSTAR" printed in a heavy metal-type font. My husband has always wanted to be a rockstar, but is beginning to realize it ain't gonna happen. So now his dream is for Margot to be a rockstar. He's already planning for her to go here.

Other than grooming her for rockstardom, we also read to her a lot. But don't let this photo fool you...recently, she has taken up the habit of eating board books. I continually remind Margot that, "We READ the book, we don't EAT the book." At which point she usually responds by looking at me as if I should know that she's just trying to get her daily intake of fiber. Enjoy your snack honey.


hannah said...

can i go to camp with margot??? love the onsie. maybe i could get eliot to eat a couple board books, he is in desperate need of fiber! i asked david for japanese craft books for my birthday...i wonder how resourceful he really is.

Hanna said...

beautiful reading picture! makes me want to skip the surfing and enjoy a book... :-)

Laura said...

I have a quote on my wall at school (by Lewis Carroll, maybe?) that says something like, "Young children do not just read books, they devour them, literally. This is why there are so few first editions of nursery favorites." He said it better. I'd be happy if my baby ate them; he just throws them across the room at this point.