Thursday, June 23, 2005

nature photo thursday

green moth
Originally uploaded by kmmcclain.

It seems that several of the blogs I read regularly now are participating in self portrait tuesday (you can see what this is all about here, here, here and here). Well, I'm not quite ready to post a photo of myself every Tuesday (mostly because I prefer being on this side of the camera and I don't think I'll actually remember to take one every week), but I have been thinking about doing a different kind of photo day. So, since it's Thursday (as good a day as any I suppose) and my husband isn't home from work yet and I'm actually posting to my blog rather than reading everyone else's , I thought I would post this photo of a green moth I took the last week we lived in our old home. I have never seen a moth like this (if all moths looked like this I don't think I'd be annoyed with them) and was very taken with it when I noticed it outside our front door. I'm just glad it didn't fly away before I had a chance to find our camera amidst all the packed boxes.


Anonymous said...

Luna Moths are so beautiful, I wish they were in my neck of the woods. I've discovered, in my curiosity for such things, that there are moths that are so much more beautiful than many butterflies. Thanks for sharing the shot!


hannah said...

that is a very nice shot of a luna moth. does margot have the very quiet cricket by eric carle? the luna moth was always eliots favorite.

myra said...

Great shot! Ive heard of luna moths but never actually saw one.

kath red said...

beatiful photo.